Alpenglow Clinic

Director: Katheryn Kingery

ACT; DUI/ACT Program; IOP; Outpaitent; MIP; Therapy



Helps socially and physically isolated neighbors connect to resources. Connects care receivers to agencies and services – meals, home care, transportation.



People we serve achieve maximum independence, productivity, and integration into community. Residential for specialized services; community care and treatment; jobs for people with disabilities; early childhood.


77 Trails End Road, Eureka, MT 59917

An all girls therapeutic boarding school that offers a nurturing and supportive environment to students who attend from around the world. Our program fosters healthy identity development, self confidence and a sense of belonging.

Community Medical Services


Help those who are suffering from SUD. Patients and our singular aim is to help them heal. Suboxone/ Methadone, Vivitrol/Naltrexone, Group/Individual counseling, women’s health, community outreach, OTP, Detox



Healing through healthy relationships. Therapy Clinic – Individual; Family; Skills groups; Circle of Security Parenting; Traumatic Stress; Co-occuring Substance Use; Emotional Distress; Assessments mental; MIP; Providence House for adolescents

Kalispell Regional Behavioral Health

Comprehensive School Community Treatment (CSCT)


In school – individual therapy; daily groups; family therapy; crisis response; psycho-education groups; mental health and behavioral health support

Oxytocin Clinic, LLC

Pamela Liccardi
1645 US 93 S Suite D, Kalispell, MT 59901

Provides ethical outpatient addiction and mental health services. We provide a safe, welcoming facility for those who need assistance with addiction and mental health issues. Early Intervention; ACT; Outpatient; IOP; Inpatient; Detox; Medical Stabilize

MT Center for Wellness and Pain Management

Kalispell Regional Hospital

Minimally invasion interventional techniques, medical management of pain and treatment of addiction. Interventional pain management; medical pain management; addiction medicine; Osteopathic manipulative medicine; chiropractic; acupuncture; calmare pain therapy treatment; psychology counseling; message therapy; Yoga therapy

Montana Academy

9705 Lost Prairie Road, Marion MT 59925

Our collaborative approach involves clinicians, academic faculty and residential staff who work closely to cultivate relationships and a strong rapport with students and families. Montana Academy Therapeutic Boarding School is committed to promoting developmental maturation in adolescents through healthy relationships and academic excellence.

North Valley Behavioral Health

2004 Hospital Way, Whitefish

Our goal is to restore your mental health to an optimal level and to help alleviate any symptoms that may be affecting your quality of life, satisfaction and ability to function.

Nurturing Center

146 3rd Ave West, Kalispell

Provides supportive, respectful services that strengthen families, increasing the number of children raised in healthy nurturing environments. Child care scholarships; CACFP; professional development to child care providers; Child care referrals

Parents, Let’s Unite For Kids (PLUK)


Parents, professionals, families and friends of children and young adults, especially kids with special needs to support one another, and share information for the benefit of children in Montana.

Education; health care; advocacy; training classes


Kallispell Regional Hospital

Provides acute inpatient services with mental health and substance abuse issues; psychiatric program; Inpatient chemical dependency; Co-occuring disorders; adolescents; referral process

Sunburst Community Service Foundation

Director: Emily Pray

Family Concepts – Case Management
Outpatient; ACT; Child and Family Center; in-home servies for family; treatmtment plans; Home Support Services for ages 4-18.

5 locations: Libby, Missoula, Kalispell, St. Ignesius, Polson, Eureka

Western MT Addiction & Mental Health Center

Flathead County – Kalispell
Director: Abby Harnett
410 Windward Way, Kalispell, MT 59901

Health services to families to improve access, health, economic and social outcomes. Day treatment; Group homes; client housing; crisis stabilization; Drop-in centers; Crisis Response Team (CRT); Jail Diversion; IOP; Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT); Peer support; Medication Management; Vocational Services

Youth Dynamics

Director: Moyra Anthony

Providing comprehensive and progressive trauma sensitive behavioral health services to meet the ever-changing needs of youth and families.

Case Management; Community Housing; Day treatment; Intensive Family-Based Services; IOP; Foster Care

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