Undaunted Family Connections Programs

UFC is working with our Northwest Montana community to combat stigma and secure trusted, lasting help for families that need it most.

Undaunted Parent Blueprint

The Undaunted Parent Blueprint is a comprehensive program for parents who are looking for a roadmap during difficult family struggles. Through strategy building, healthy boundary work, objective setting with realistic expectations, the Undaunted Parent Blueprint empowers parents to start facilitating the change process in their homes.

Each session our parents will set up goals, build tools, find resources, and create a clear set of implementation techniques to address and work through the situations they are facing.

Our approach is based on extensive research and innovative parenting practices. Healthy perspectives and encouragement are key on the journey to heroic parenting.

This is a private, one-to-one coaching program for one or both parents and caregivers that runs for a duration of 12 weeks.

Empowered Adolescents/Young-Adult Mentorship

Our Empowerment Coaching guides adolescents ages 13-18 and young adults ages 18-25 who are experiencing episodes of anxiety or depression, self-esteem, insecurities, substance use, struggles with dynamic living situations, or other situations that interfere with their daily lives and mental wellness. UFC coaches work with each client through empathetic listening—adjusting to client resistance—to help them understand and monitor current behaviors, gain conflict handling tools, and support self efficacy.

Empowerment Coaching helps adolescents and young adults set realistic goals and break through self-limiting patterns to achieve confidence and security on their journey towards Independence. Each program includes a series of 12 weekly, 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions.


UFC offers three Resilient Groups:

  1. Resilient Parents
  2. Resilient Adolescents
  3. Resilient Young Adults

Each group is held in-person and led by a trained UFC coach who models stigma-free dialogue around situations such as mental health, substance use, academic struggles, and dynamic living situations.

Members continue learning and practicing techniques through guided instruction, dialogue and role play. Groups offer members a safe space to share experiences implementing new strategies at home, bring questions, and seek support from peers. Members who participate in Resilient Groups benefit from a strong sense of community where each participant is accepted, respected, and reinforced each step of their journey.

For our Adolescents and Young Adults, the groups provide healthy character development that comes from peer support. Group topics vary, often addressing apparent and unexplored behavioral patterns exhibited by both parents and their children that impede progress.

As an example, we discuss screen time, setting and maintaining boundaries, how to work through conflict and communicate with respect. Peers and facilitators discuss the real challenges that collectively impede self-sufficiency and living one’s best life.

Participants learn interpersonal, communication, and essential life skills. 

Community Workshops

Undaunted Workshops are one 8-hour day intensive workshops held four times a year at a private ranch in Bigfork, MT. They are for Parents, Adolescents, or Young Adults who need to break through noise and chaos, find clarity and a re-connection to the flow in nature.

UFC workshops are designed to give participants strategies to immediately implement the tools learned. Through trainings and hands-on strategy development, participants learn how to combat mental health and substance abuse stigma, the effect of screen time, healthy boundaries, how to communicate effectively, and how to stop progress-limiting habits and belief systems. A nutritional meal will also be included in this session with light refreshments.

Rebecoming Parent Workshops

Young Adult Breakthrough Workshops (Ages 18-25)

Fierce Adolescent Workshops (Ages 13-18)

Please reach out and let us know how we can help.

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