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Why Get Involved?

We advocate for parents navigating the challenging medical system by directing them to services in their local area.  Coaching is meant to supplement medical treatment and not meant to replace it.  Our coaches work with families to create a customized plan, establish goals, assign daily tasks, and teach new skills, which is something mainstream medicine does not provide.

The interesting fact is 75% of adults with mental health issues had onset conditions before the age of 24.  So, prevention can happen by tapping into the younger generation and educating families that 1 in 3 adolescents have anxiety and 80% of them are untreated.

The major reasons why they are not receiving treatment is cost, the lack of knowing where to go to receive services, and the stigma that it is not okay to have a mental health issue or it’s a natural adolescent tendency.

The Future of UFC

Within 2020 our centrally located, Flathead Valley office will open to clients for 1:1 coaching, mentoring, and group programs. Within three years, we will have a community center in this same location with a five-year expansion plan to other areas of Northwest Montana.

The community center will house a conference room for our family talking circles, group meetings, and workshops as well as private rooms for individual coaching. This safe socialization opportunity for our struggling youth is a vital aspect of our services. 


Ways To Get Involved

Undaunted Family Connections need your time, talent and treasure in order to serve the many families in our community who are looking for hope and guidance to keep their family together every day. We cannot make a difference without the generous support of people coming alongside us to provide their time and financial support.


We appreciate support on all levels.

Peer Support Volunteer

Families, young adults and teens

Event Volunteers

Open House Launch Party and booth representative at events and fairs


One-time direct, monthly and yearly donatinos in open amounts of $50, $100, $250 and $500

Program Sponsorship

  • Resilient Groups – $150
  • Empowered Adolescent Mentoring – $300
  • Undaunted Parent Blueprint – $500

Event Corporate Sponsorship

  • Undaunted Bronze – $1500
    (Program Sponsor includes logo at event)
  • Undaunted Silver – $3000
    (Title Sponsor includes logo at event, on website and table)
  • Undaunted Gold – $5000
    (Presenting Sponsor includes logo on invites, ads, website, posters and presentations, table and announcement at event)


Interested in UFC services, volunteering or making a gift to Undaunted Family Connections, please reach out below for more information

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