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Leanna Troesh, Executive Director

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Undaunted Family Connections

was created by a passionate parent, Leanna Troesh, who wanted to come alongside other parents in need of working through many of life’s challenging family dynamics.

Leanna thought she was serving her children well until things began to fall apart as her young adolescent daughter began a journey down a dark and hopeless path of destruction.

In Leanna’s effort to find help and support for her daughter, she was often turned away from various organizations because her daughter wasn’t seen as an extreme case or didn’t meet the criteria for their services.

She began running out of options, and with the lack of support nearby and the cultural resistance to conversations around challenging family dynamics, she hired a Seattle-based consultant who works as an advocate for families of high risk adolescents in finding appropriate services and resources for their needs.

Her experience in working with the consultant helped to inspire her vision for Undaunted Family Connections, as a beacon of hope for parents while advocating for their adolescents.

Parent coaching and adolescent mentoringship is a vital part of rebuilding the family trust and creating new structure for families. Leanna thought she was providing her children a loving, caring and understanding home, yet parent coaching offered an alternative perspective with specific techniques and tools to put into action with immediate results.

Leanna now lives by the saying “We don’t know what we don’t know” as a way to open parents up to a possible alternative to how they interact and support family members in their home.

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